cutlass on the back seat

hey i'm rhiannon
i like video games & ben whishaw,
diagnosed nervous wreck & general sadass. eye bag central.
i love dogs so much.

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Fallout: New Vegas Posters

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Chillin with the elusive badgershite once again
What she doin

Feelin kinda WIERD now I wanna go home areghh

There are so many attractive people on this train jfc

Hey generalised anxiety disorder and agoraphobia how about u fuck off I’m doing shit today *byaaaay*
There is so much beauty in the world



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my head is mainly shaved and i have bald spots i think i’m kinda brave y/n? i dunno man i just really like this hairstyle and will not let this shit get in my way

lionsroar83 said: 4, 11, 24, 28!

4.  what are you looking forward to?  going home tomorrow! i’m looking forward to getting new headphones for the train journey and buying clothes and stuff maybe! i’m making myself look forward to working freshers week because i’m scared

11. are you listening to music right now? YES i am annoying my housemates by playing The Orwells Disgraceland in full on full volume (they’re making jelly and my room is right next to the kitchen)

24. height? we just measured and i’m like 5’4

28. i’ll love you if…  you’re funny and as lazy as i am and like stickers and appreciate other people and are tolerant

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